Welcome to the ThemeWare® Manual and thank you for choosing ThemeWare®!

Note: Please note that the manual is currently a work in progress and we are still completing and translating it.

The ThemeWare® documentation for Shopware 6 is based on 3 "pillars":

  1. The Service Portal

    • The Service Portal is always the first place to go for all your ThemeWare® needs. It is your personal dashboard for ThemeWare®.

    • There you will always find all the relevant links and information about ThemeWare®, the ThemeWare® Video Tutorial, the ThemeWare® Utilities, the ThemeWare® Search, the ThemeWare® Config Finder, forms, useful tools, wizards and much more.

    • You can find the Service Portal here: service.themeware.design/en

  2. The ThemeWare® Knowledge Base

    • In the ThemeWare® Knowledge Base you will find the ThemeWare® Introduction, many guides and tutorials, the ThemeWare® Lexicon, answers to the most frequently asked questions, solutions to the most common issues, professional knowledge for agencies and freelancers and lots of useful information about Shopware 6.

    • You can find the ThemeWare® Knowledge Base here: knowledge.themeware.design

  3. The ThemeWare® Manual

    • In the ThemeWare® Manual you will find information about all the features and functions of ThemeWare®.

    • You can find the ThemeWare® Manual here: docs.themeware.design

The ThemeWare® Manual

The ThemeWare® Manual is the complete reference for all ThemeWare® configurations and features.

Note: The documentation of more than 1,000 configuration fields and over 400 additional functions unfortunately takes some time, but we are working daily to fill the manual. 🚀

In the "Manuel" section you will find the entire Theme configuration of ThemeWare®. To help you find your way around quickly, we have adapted the structure of the documentation to that of the theme configuration.

Structure of the ThemeWare® configuration

The theme configuration is divided into 4 elements:

  1. Tabs in the tab navigation

  2. Blocks in each tab (accordion elements to expand)

  3. Sections that divide a block

  4. Configuration fields in the individual sections

Structure of the ThemeWare® Manual

In diesem Handbuch haben wir diese 4 Elemente wie folgt dargestellt:

  1. Tabs

  2. Blocks

  3. Sections

  4. Configuration fields

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