Manufacturer in listings

With the extension "Manufacturer in listings" the manufacturer can be added to the product boxes in your category listings.


Theme configuration

  1. Go to the "Category pages" tab

  2. Expand the "Product box" block

  3. Scroll to the "Basic configuration" section

  4. Enable the configuration "Show manufacturer"

  5. Save your changes after editing


  • Edit the label prefixing the manufacturer name using the snippet twt.listing.manufacturerLabel

  • The name of the manufacturer is automatically added

Note: For information on how to edit snippets, see the following instructions: Texts: Editing and translation

Tip: If a change does not affect the storefront, just clear the Shopware cache: Clearing / warming up the Shopware cache


Theme configuration

  • Tab "Category pages" => Block "Product box" => Section "Basic configuration" => Show manufacturer


  • twt.listing.manufacturerLabel

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