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The ThemeWare® "Image banner" is a banner element for your Shopping Experience. You can use it perfectly as a separator in boxed and full-width layouts.

Important: The element is explicitly intended for use in its own CMS block. It is not designed for use in other CMS blocks and therefore cannot be exchanged or placed in other blocks.

Note: This element is only available in the ThemeWare® Pro Edition.

Configure element

You can configure the ThemeWare® "Image banner" as follows:

  1. Click on the corresponding CMS block (1) to activate the "edit mode"

  2. Hover the mouse over the desired CMS element

  3. The "Element Settings" pop-up will open

  4. Make the desired changes

  5. Save your changes

You have now configured the CMS element.


The configuration of the "Image banner" is quite self-explanatory. The image and the "Minimum height" are mandatory fields. That's all you really need to configure.


In the tab "General" you configure the content of the element.


In the section "Image" you define the background image of the banner. The "Minimum height" is a mandatory field (default: 340px).

In the section "Link" you define the target of the banner when it is clicked.


In the "Layout" tab, you can configure the scrolling behaviour of the image (1), a parallax effect and a coloured overlay (1).


In the section "General" you can configure the general background colour (1).


In the section "Image" you can configure the attachment of the image and specify whether a JavaScript managed parallax effect should be applied.

Coloured overlay

In the section "Coloured overlay" a coloured overlay (1) can be activated and configured.

Scroll effects

By being able to fix the image (= background image) you can achieve a simple parallax effect, which creates a certain sense of depth when scrolling the page

Parallax effect

In addition, you can activate a JavaScript managed parallax effect. This effect is available when the background image is fixed.

If a CMS element with an activated parallax effect is used in a Shopping Experience, an additional JavaScript plugin is loaded which manages the effect.

Note: As this effect requires the image to fill the entire page, we recommend using large, high-quality images as the page background.

Important: Parallax effects are not displayed in mobile viewports for performance reasons.


You can find some examples of use in our demo shops:

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