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With ThemeWare® 1.1.7 you have the option of filling a tab on product pages individually by using a custom field.


The "Custom tab" can be filled via a custom field in the corresponding product. As with all custom fields, make sure to fill them in for each variant.


The tab name is based on a snippet: twt.detail.tabCustom.title

This snippet is intended for a global labelling of the "Custom tab". This means that this tab is named the same on all product pages. This is sufficient if the tab is filled with the same content across all products (e.g. "Care instructions").

If you want to name the tab individually in your products, you can use the custom field "Custom tab (Title)".


To fill the text of the tab, just use the custom field "Custom tab (Text)".

Enable the tab

You can determine whether the tab should be displayed in the theme configuration:

This basically activates or deactivates the tab. However, it is only shown if the custom field "Custom tab (text)" is actually filled for the corresponding product or variant.


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Theme configuration

  • Tab "Product pages" => Block "Tab "Custom content""


  • twt.detail.tabCustom.title

Custom fields

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