Widgets are a further development of the content elements from the Footer in ThemeWare® for Shopware 5. In ThemeWare® for Shopware 6 these elements are now flexible and no longer linked to the footer.

The ThemeWare® widgets can (depending on the widget) be integrated in various places on the storefront via the theme configuration. However, the main area of use for all widgets is still the footer.

Theme configuration

The typical use of ThemeWare® Widgets is as an element in a footer column. You configure the footer itself in the "Footer" tab. You can find more information about this in the ThemeWare® Video Tutorial.

The configuration of the widgets itself can be found in the tab "Widgets".

Note: You can find out more about this in the ThemeWare® Video Tutorial.

Assigning widgets

To display widgets in the footer, assign them to footer elements (slots). There are eleven footer elements, each of them represents a column in the footer. You configure which widget you want to fill an element with and how or where the element is to be displayed in the tab "Footer" => block "Assigning and arranging content".

Tip: Most widgets are already assigned to specific footer elements.

Edit widget content

The widgets in ThemeWare® are made up of various sources. Almost all widgets use snippets for the text content.

However, there are also widgets that obtain information from Shopware itself. Payment and shipping methods, for example, are configured via the respective administration in the shop settings. The footer navigation, on the other hand, is based of a category branch from the category management. The category itself must then be assigned to the storefront via the sales channel.

You can find detailed information about each widget in the following articles.

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