Compatibility (HC-Architecture®)

This section contains configuration fields for the HC-Architecture® of ThemeWare®.

Due to our years of experience as a market-leading theme developer, we have gathered an extremely large amount of knowledge in the subject of themes for Shopware. Among other things, this is reflected in the ThemeWare® HC-Architecture®.

Huge plugin vendors also check ThemeWare®, the most popular purchase theme in the Shopware Store, for compatibility. Unfortunately, a couple of extensions (plugins or apps) focus on the default theme from Shopware. In case of incompatibility, you can solve problems yourself with just a few clicks by simply disabling the respective area in ThemeWare® and thereby resetting it to the Shopware defaults. In this case, you will no longer benefit from the corresponding feature of ThemeWare®, but you can use the corresponding extension (plugin or app).

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