Six columns (Custom)

Note: This article is work in progress.

Der ThemeWare® CMS-Block "Six columns (Custom)" (jeweils ca. 16,667%) ist ein universeller CMS-Block. In diesen kannst du diverse CMS-Elemente platzieren.

Note: This block is intended for experts who are very familiar with CMS blocks, CMS elements and the Bootstrap grid system and can handle extensive customisations with this block.

Important: Please note that this block is currently in a testing phase and may be changed if necessary.

Individual column widths

This block can consider the expert configuration "CSS class (Column)" of certain CMS elements.

You can find more information about the CSS classes: in the ThemeWare® Knowledge Base:


Tipp: Die Spaltenabstände kannst du mit den ThemeWare® CSS-Abstandsklassen (siehe "Adjusting column spacings in CMS blocks") modifizieren.


You can find some examples of use in our demo shops:

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