Product videos

ThemeWare® provides the functionality of adding videos to products via custom fields and displaying them on product pages.


Theme configuration (v1.1.9)

  1. Go to the tab "Product pages"

  2. Expand the block "Layout"

  3. Scroll to the section "Product videos"

  4. Enable the configuration "Show product videos"

  5. Optional: Use the further configuration options

  6. Save your changes after editing


  1. Switch via the main navigation to the "Product managment" (1) (2) ("Catalogues" => "Products")

  2. Choose the product you want to edit (3)

  3. Switch to the tab "Specifications"

  4. Scroll to the section "Custom fields"

  5. Select the custom field set of your theme

  6. Enter the video ID in the custom field "YouTube video" and/or "Vimeo video"

    • Tip: Multiple video IDs can be entered comma-separated

  7. Save your changes

Note: You can find more information about the corresponding custom field in the articles YouTube video and Vimeo video.

Text: Headline

  • Edit the headline in the "Description" tab using the snippet twt.detail.customFields.productVideos.title

Note: For information on how to edit snippets, see the following instructions: Texts: Editing and translation

Tip: If a change does not affect the storefront, just clear the Shopware cache: Clearing / warming up the Shopware cache


Theme configuration

  • Tab "Product pages" => Block "Layout" => Section "Product videos"

  • Tab "Product pages" => Block "Tab "Description"" => Section "Product videos"


  • twt.detail.customFields.productVideos.title (in Tab "Description")

Custom fields

If you would like to display the product videos in a separate tab, simply use the ThemeWare® Videos tab:

pageVideos tab

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