This tab contains configuration fields for the ThemeWare® widgets.

Widgets are a more advanced version of the footer elements from ThemeWare® for Shopware 5. In ThemeWare® for Shopware 6, we have developed these into "content pieces" so that they can be displayed in various places of the storefront. For example, the payment method logos can also be displayed on product pages.

  1. ThemeWare® "Newsletter" widget

  2. Service hotline

  3. Footer navigation

  4. ThemeWare® "Benefits" widget

  5. ThemeWare® "Shipping methods" widget

  6. ThemeWare® "Payment methods" widget

  7. ThemeWare® "Location or Store" Widget

  8. ThemeWare® "Awards, seals or certificates" widget

  9. ThemeWare® "About Us" widget

  10. ThemeWare® "Communities or Social Media" widget

You can find more information about ThemeWare® Widgets in the following article:


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