Discount banner

The ThemeWare® "Discount Banner" is a "Sale" banner element for your Shopping Experience. You can use it to draw attention to special discounts or sales.

Important: The element is explicitly intended for use in its own CMS block. It is not designed for use in other CMS blocks and therefore cannot be exchanged or placed in other blocks.

Note: This element is only available in the ThemeWare® Pro Edition

Configure element

You can configure the ThemeWare® "Discount banner" as follows:

  1. Click on the corresponding CMS block (1) to activate the "edit mode"

  2. Hover the mouse over the desired CMS element

  3. The "Element Settings" pop-up will open

  4. Make the desired changes

  5. Save your changes

You have now configured the CMS element.


The configuration of the "Discount banner" is quite self-explanatory. The title and the discount are mandatory fields. That's all you really need to configure.


In the tab "General" you configure the content of the element.


In the section "Text" you enter the text for the banner. You can enter a title (3) and a subtitle (4). The title is a required field.


In the "Discount" section you enter the discount (1) you would like to advertise. This is a mandatory field.

In the section "Link" you determine the target of the banner. We recommend linking to an appropriate sale category.


In the tab "Layout" you have various design options for the text and the discount.


In the section "General" you can configure the general background colour (2).


In the "Text" section, the font and text colour of the title (3) and subtitle (4) can be configured.


In the section "Discount" the font, text colour and background colour of the discount (1) can be configured.



You can find some examples of use in our demo shops:

Demo will follow...

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